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Our guides serve as a resource for our potential clients to gather as much information about us as well as other digital marketing agencies in Columbus, Ohio as possible. The process of selecting an agency should not be daunting.

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About the Guides

We have packed as much information surrounding the selection of the best digital marketing agency into these guides as possible. By the best, we mean the best agency for you. Ultimately, you are taking on a task that may seem daunting, it does not have to be. Just as if you were one of our clients, we want you to see positive results for your company. All agencies are not the same and actually are vastly different in some cases. The following guides contain information to aid you in making an educated decision.

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Select a category below based on where you are currently in your process for selecting a digital marketing agency. Ultimately, we want to hear from you! Contact us with any questions along the way.


What should you have prepared prior to contacting an agency?

Find out how to prepare as well as how to find an agencies in your area.

Preparing internally can be time consuming. Our goal is to provide you with resources and information to make the process efficient.

The planning process for your company looks like...

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How should you and your team reach out to an agency?

Find out how your company or team can best reach out to an agency.

Sure you can fire off an email. However, our interest is in making you money. We want to ensure that initial steps are taken to make that happen.

The proper request for your company is...

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How can your company best communicate with an agency?

Find out why communication is key. You've heard that before.

Successful communication relies just as much on the agency as it does with you. This step is truly about discovery for both parties involved.

Communicating properly results in...

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You know you want the best. Is the agency the right agency for you?

Find out how to make the best decision based around your goals.

Selecting the right agency for your company results in your goals being reached as well as a lasting relationship. Make the right decision.

Your selection should be based on...

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ViaForge provides full service, creative, digital marketing services to help produce quality one of a kind digital experiences for brands (businesses) in Columbus Ohio and around the world. We look forward to creating interactive and informative experiences surrounding your unique product.

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