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Communication with a digital marketing agency varies depending on what level of request was previously sent. Here is what you can expect based on the type of request presented to the agency.

Consultation Request

A Consultation

Proper communication with an agency results in you getting to know the agency inside and out. Granted the initial meet and greet may be hard to wrap your head around how they operate but with your other research and planning, it adds valuable insight.

Throughout this entire process, you have been working to narrow your long list of agencies down to one. Agencies who responded to your initial request for consultation whether it be with or without a RFP, you want to meet with them. While this meeting will likely not get you to the magical number one, it can assist in narrowing your list. Note that if you are not meeting to actually detail your digital marketing needs the agency is being extremely reasonable to provide you with an hour of their time. However, request that the agencies give you a chance to meet with the team members who will be doing the work. Whether it is one person or 5, meeting the team behind the work is rather invaluable. Although you may not have much time to dig in too deep, you can still ask questions and get a feeling for how they operate. Ask questions like: Do they outsource work? Do they have partnerships or affiliates, or companies locally they contract? What does their project management look like in terms of reports and tracking? All of these questions allow you to dig into the day to day operations and overall aesthetics of the agency behind the scenes.

Initial Consultation

Every agency is different and this is why agencies are awesome. You will find that some enjoy getting straight into the nitty gritty while others ease into the meat and potatoes. Keep in mind that an agency's creativity is derived from people and their personalities. While you do not want to work with crazy people, you do want to work with creatives. Creatives all have varying personalities. Ultimately your questions to the team will help you get a sense for their knowledge as an individual, how they work as a team, and how they interact with each other. Ultimately tune in especially when the people are being people. Getting to the heart of an agency can sometimes be tricky but in most cases, if you look past any glitz and glamour, you will find the wheels that make the agency go 'round. Those are the people you want to be having conversations with.

Consultations in General

A consultation when revolving around website design, development, SEO, email marketing, etc. can ultimately vary in duration depending on the individual company's needs. It could be a one time three hour meeting to discuss objectives, goals, design requirements, answer questions from both sides of the table, and to pass off any needed copy and imagery. It could also come in the form of a monthly retainer for ongoing consultation or review sessions for services such as SEO, social campaigns, or email marketing. Ultimately though, the purpose of our guides is to deliver an understanding of the process that surrounds selecting the best digital marketing agency for your company.

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