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Sending a request to a digital marketing agency can look different depending on the type of company sending the request. No matter the request medium, there is criteria to follow that will assist both the company and the marketing agency.

Types of Requests

A Contact Form Submission

The simplest form of sending a request to an agency would be filling out a contact form on the agency's website. While the contact form will detail some of your objectives for the new website, it is not as thorough as other methods of sending a request. This request type is usually used to open a dialog and to determine the best way of setting up a consultation or for submitting a request for proposal.

A Request for Consultation

A request for consultation is the middle ground between a contact form request and a request for proposal submission. This is for companies that need some guidance in creating a well crafted model for their new website. The agency will appreciate working with you to draft a plan and at the same time, the agency will be at the helm and be able to easily provide you with a proposal based on the model resulting from consulting session(s). When consulting is involved, a request for proposal may not necessary primarily because the agency will internally create, process, and review the model and provide you with a proposal.

A Request for Proposal

A request for proposal (RFP) is the most detailed way to reach out to an agency. A good RFP will enable an agency to provide you with a detailed proposal without much consulting prior to the delivery of a proposal. You can find a detailed RFP structure and road map by downloading our RFP Objectives document.
Download RFP Objectives

RFP Submissions


The RFP that you create should not be submitted to just one digital marketing firm. This is of course unless you are positive you want to work with one specific digital agency.

Timelines and Deadlines

With your RFP submissions, you should announce to the agencies you are submitting to, a deadline in which you need a response. The response deadline will be a deadline that you set based on your needs. Be sure to leave ample time for agencies to return their detailed proposal. A reasonable deadline is three to four weeks. This way, the digital agencies provided with your request are able to spend the necessary time to complete a detailed and respectable proposal based on their own schedules and production timelines.

Understanding the Process

It should be noted that not every agency you submit a RFP to will respond with a proposal. At the very least, you should get a response in return but in some cases, that does not happen either. Once a RFP is responded to or a proposal is submitted, with or without the RFP, it is now time to communicate.

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