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Selecting a digital marketing agency is easy once you have prepared and done your research. After following the rest of our guides, you are now ready!

Selecting a Digital Marketing Agency

The Process

At this point internal planning is complete, research is complete, and you have had a chance to meet with the agencies. It is now time to being deliberating over who will be the winning agency. While we do not have the answers for you in for this part of the guide, the preparation and planning in the previous stages of our guides will lead you in a good direction. Ultimately, selecting a digital marketing agency depends on what you are looking for in an agency as well as the digital services being rendered.


If more than one agency was requested to provide a proposal or if you met with numerous agencies to deliver a quote based on specifications given at that time, it is polite and courteous to provide a response to all. No matter the response you will ultimately given an agency, a simple thank you for your time is sufficient. It takes a considerable amount of strategy, thought, and time to provide a proposal based on a RFP on the behalf of an agency. Trust me, we appreciate a thank you.


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