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ViaForge Launches Furniture Bank of Central Ohio #FurnishedPurpose

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Furniture Bank of Central Ohio (FBCO) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing furniture to individuals or families who are going through financial difficulties or exceedingly difficult life challenges.

As the campaign unfolded we wanted to focus on a new way of portraying what the FBCO does and how it impacts central Ohio and the surrounding areas. Our ongoing goal is to build off of the statistics we found during our research and utilize those stats to engage people who have not heard about the Furniture Bank.

Over 9.8 million tons of waste is attributed to unused furniture according to the EPA. One of the underlying goals of the campaign is to persuade the public to donate unwanted furniture instead of discarding it.On average, the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio provides 1,200 pieces of furniture to 80 families every week. That’s almost 60,000 pieces of furniture kept out of landfills every year that directly helps thousands of struggling families across central Ohio.

ViaForge provided Furniture Bank with the following:

Campaign Strategy:

We crafted and are still crafting strategies to implement, boost engagement, and awareness for FBCO. As well, we work with the Franklin University media team to provide creative direction for the videos in order to achieve a holistic brand experience for the campaign and for FBCO. In 2018 we are working on items geared more towards pushing the campaign to local areas.

Social Strategy:

ViaForge provided early strategy leading up to the Big Hearts event last year. As well, we provided the campaign voice documents early on stating how FBCO can utilize social media to organically engage people who are looking to get rid of or get new furniture that are local to Columbus, Ohio or the central area.

Web Design:

We provided Furniture Bank of Central Ohio with designs for their new landing page. The design features a look indicative of current web design trends, uses digital marketing principles that maximizes a user’s likelihood of donating furniture, and provides the ability for the user to promote the campaign through social media. To ensure accuracy, content informing the user on what to donate was also provided.

Web Development:

After the design was approved, ViaForge built the site with standards-compliant html/css and javascript. Responsive development practices were also used to appeal towards the increasing demand of mobile browsing. After launching the campaign landing page, we also engaged the Furniture Bank at this time to redesign and build furniturebankcoh.org – the mother site.

Project Details

Company Name: Furniture Bank of Central Ohio

Company Location: 118 S Yale Ave, Columbus, OH 43222

Project Name: #FurnishedPurpose

Services Provided:

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