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ViaForge Releases SmashFly Email Templates

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ViaForge recently provided email templates to SmashFly (http://www.smashfly.com/).

SmashFly is an enterprise recruitment marketing platform that gives companies the ability to track the hiring process of potential hires. SmashFly provides its users with the options to use brand centric landing pages, digital ads, emails, and other marketing materials as a means to acquire a new hire, and analytic tools to track applicant behavior at every step of the hiring process.

Initial Stages

ViaForge was commissioned to provide SmashFly with responsive email templates that companies who use their platform could use to help carry out their hiring practices and recruitment. To maximize design efficiency and accuracy, ViaForge provided high-fidelity wireframes which included mockups for both desktop and mobile views.

Email Designs:

Once the wireframes of the templates were approved, ViaForge was then tasked with applying the design to existing structure. ViaForge provided 10 designs to SmashFly, which included different email options like newsletters, events, and job listingsthat companies can send to potential applicants. Opt-in emails were also included for users who wish to subscribe to a company’s newsletter.

Email Development:

ViaForge coded the emails with standards-compliant html and adhered to best practices commonly associated with email development. Fluid layouts and responsive development practices were also used to fulfill the increasing demand of mobile browsing. After the initial front-end development was complete, ViaForge handed off the templates to SmashFly to use.


ViaForge provided SmashFly with fully designed and developed email templates that their customers could use to reach out to potential hires. SmashFly was very happy with the files that were provided and customers were able to use them to reach out to potential hires. Customers such as GE used ViaForged templates to reach to more than 1 million people.

Project Details

Company Name: SmashFly

Company Location: Massachusetts

Project Name: SmashFly Custom Email Templates

Services Provided:

ViaForge Portfolio Link: Our Work

Live Project Link: SmashFly Custom Email Templates

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