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Our Columbus web development company offers development services for Ruby on Rails. We design and develop custom web applications to be built with Rails. Ruby on Rails is a lightweight and elegant solution that provides a platform boasting sustainability as well as rapid prototyping.

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Developing with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a platform we love because when we are done with your application, it is about as light and airy in terms of a clean codebase as you can get. Rails is known as a Model View Controller or MVC and is great for web applications, mobile applications, user interfaces, dashboards, and more.

Ruby on Rails Code Requirements

Your product should be elegant and pretty behind the scenes as well. Rails provides a beautiful architecture to your applicaiton that will be beneficial to the health of your application in terms of sustainability and lifetime. As a matter of fact, one reason we enjoy Shopify so much, is not because of the Ruby gem used to build themes, but because it was built with Rails!

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Ruby on Rails Content Management

Ruby on Rails does have admin options for managing things like users, products, posts, and any other database object you can think of. The reason we like Rails so much is we can tap into just about any content you wish to be able to monitor, moderate, or edit and provide you a sleek platform in which to do so.

Ruby on Rails Updates

Ruby on Rails needs updated every now and then. Generally speaking, there is a bi-monthly update. With a Rails application we always encourage our clients to allow us to maintain their project if nothing else but for Rails core updates. We want you to focus on your product, we will keep it working for you.

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