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We are a Columbus copywriting agency proudly located in central Ohio. We strategically provide local businesses with branding that leads to profitable and scalable digital business operations. If you are ready to get serious about your digital future...

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Brand Research

Concept in Reality

Before we can start any concept work for our client's brand, we first need to do our research on the market that our client's business is in. We research the business type, business' services, business' products, current demographic, target market, and the current brand voice. Is the voice going to change? Is the brand pivoting? Is the brand going to offer new services or products? Is the brand simply looking for a different visual message? Doing this allows us to bring information to the table as to how we see our client's brand and potential brand objectives.

Brand Positioning

Branding Strategy

Some of the best branding companies know that "branding" is more than just designing a logo, vectorizing it, and calling it a day. Sure sometimes there are budget constraints but branding done correctly releases a whole system of methodology behind the brand schema. Brand positioning reveals a status that the brand will approach both visually and in future messaging.

What drives the brand? What does the brand promise? What personality does the brand offer to it's customers and visitors? These are all questions that need answered and should be strategically thought through in order to deliver a successful new brand or re-brand.

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New Brands & Startups

Brand Birth

If there was not an existing brand or business and we are at the forefront of creating a brand, we research within our client's model and derive from that a potential market and desired demographic. The idea is to define the above criteria and then view how our client's model sets them apart. We then take this information and provide brand model concepts that suit both the voice and application nicely with the market but are unique representations of the new brand identity. By application in this case we mean how the brand will utilize it's new voice.

Brand Identity

By the Book

There are tried and true methods used to deliver a successful brand identity. However, branding companies should let creatives take stabs at new approaches. Without these respectfully proposed "wild stabs" brand evolution would never occur. Now, these wild stabs, as we mentioned, have to maintain a sense of respect when being introduced. In order to deliver the most successful brand identity, a branding agency has to do their homework and mix creative approach with market data.

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