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Branding is more than just a logo. It is messaging, positioning, market research, strategy, photography/imagery, experience, and voice. Branding is what defines a product or a business and their products even when their products are not physically in hand.

brand discovery

Market Research

Concept in Reality

Before we can start any concept work for our client's brand, we first need to do our research on the market that our client's business is in. We research business type, business services, business products, demographic, and the style of the business. Doing this allows us to bring information to the table as to how we see our client's services.

Brand Strategy

Data within Design

Often times when we bring our findings to the table that we acquired during research, we deliver a unique twist as to how we see a business. Our creative outlook entices conversation and leads to discoveries being made by our client's about how their brand is currently perceived. Once we settle on a direction we then design concepts for our clients based on the outcome of our brand strategy sessions.

brand strategy
brand messaging

New Brands & Startups

Brand Birth

If there was not an existing brand or business and we are at the forefront of creating a brand, we research within our client's model and derive from that a potential market, demographic, and competitors. The idea is to define the above criteria and then view how our client's model sets them apart. We then take this information and design concepts that play nicely with the market but are unique representations of the startup.

Concept Design

By the Book

We look at each project differently and deliver a varying number of concept works based on client needs and strategy sessions. We deliver consistent yet varying design principals. Once a client is happy with a specific concpet direction, we then elaborate until we have reached the perfect brand package, designs, and guidelines for our client's business.

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