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Content marketing is an approach used to attract new customers. Providing high quality and valuable information or tools to interested users is a great way to engage and start a relationship. A good content marketing strategy can help equalize PPC (pay per click) spending.

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Content Marketing Process

The Approach

Content marketing strategy is a mixture of researching current trends, demands, and gaps within your company's industry. Content strategy should revolve around areas of opportunity and focus on firstly attracting new customers. To attract customers content needs to be optimized for SEO. Keyword research is practical and a much needed phase prior to writing new content. Strategy surrounding your written and visual content is to decide what will be long-form and what will be short-form. Long-form meaning that most if not all of the content is placed behind a form. Short-form meaning that the content is available to anyone who lands on the page. A mixture of content availability is a good idea in that potential new customers need to recognize the value in your content first.

Content Marketing Optimization

Success Evaluation

Success is obvious when it comes to content marketing. If you generate leads because of it, you have essentially won. However, getting to the point of critical mass in which your articles are converting, you need to finely tune your approach. Content optimization for SEO is direct and on the page. Content optimization for maximum reach means ensuring that the content is written for the user not the search engine. This finely tuned balance will produce more shares and links to your content as a result because people are both finding it and appreciating it. Tools like analytics, tag manager, pixels, and the like will help you track the reach of your content.

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Content Marketing Audience

The Right Content

Writing content requires research as described above as well as knowledge of your audience. Personas can be created to help direct your content strategy and land it on the screen of the correct people. The right content could generate leads for you over the course of years. Valuable content and conversion rates early on will give you a pretty good idea as to how that content will perform over time. As your content begins to impact your lead pool, you can then start to cut back on PPC spend as your content is now doing that work for you. PPC is great but once you stop paying for it, your presence falls and you are forgotten or never found to begin with.

Content Marketing Funnel

The First in Line

The entire idea behind content marketing is that it is used to attract users, turn them into leads, and post content - conversion of those leads needs to happen. Content however is the first in line which is why good content is more than just a blog post. Your blog is definitely your platform but simply putting content in your blog because it is there for you to tell the world about your latest product or service is not a good approach. Once users see the value in your content, they become engaged. Other marketing tactics are then used post engagement to nurture those leads and convert them into paying customers.

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