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We are a Columbus copywriting agency proudly located in central Ohio. We strategically provide local businesses with copywriting that leads to profitable and scalable digital business operations. If you are ready to get serious about your digital future...

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Importance of Perfect Content

Good is not good enough

Copywriting is an art and when done correctly evokes emotion. Copywriting for the web means crafting a digital voice. It is a directive, a call to action, it is informative. Without quality copy placed correctly, users will feel lost and undetermined. Our job is to capture your information and produce a voice that compliments your brand and provides a sense of direction.

The Message

Words are worth a picture

When crafting the perfect message we dig in deep and research things like target market, the problem a client is solving, and the reason a user would want their problem solved by a specific product. This does not mean placing all of the focus on a product. Rather, the reason an audience would want to use the product in word form.

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Calls to Action

Folks at home Folks at home

While every website and application needs a call to action, we would never assume that just because a user has read a few paragraphs that they are ready to purchase or convert into a customer. Mixed with other facets surrounding digital marketing strategy, we craft copy based on the website as a whole not simply a single page. User flow should start with the landing page and end with a conversion.

The End Goal

Results are in

Ultimately, copy in tandem with a brilliant user experience and complimentary website design will result in success. Every website is different. While we did not get into keyword research or in depth strategy behind copywriting, just know that users should feel informed not bombarded with keywords. Keywords should be researched yet at the same time within copy, keywords happen naturally. Goals are reached when users are converting due to being well informed and feeling comfortable.

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