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Our Columbus digital agency provides custom web development. We custom design and build websites, landing pages, web applications, mobile applications, widgets, and stand alone functionality. We pride ourselves on being professional, innovative, and unique.

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Custom Web Development Process

What is Custom

The word custom and web development tend to actually be combative in meaning. All web development is custom unless using third party software or code. Even in the case of using open source code, implementation should still be custom in nature. In our case, we provide custom written code that delivers a service or solution. Sometimes we utilize open source software and code and other times we write proprietary code in order to deliver a totally unique product. Case by case, we do what is best for the project.

Custom Plugins

WordPress Plugins

Custom WordPress plugins are a great way to extend functionality both for the end user as well as the admin. We have written custom plugins that extend functionality, interaction, and social sharing tools. Whatever the request or solution may be, we develop plugins with best practices in mind and keep our plugin repositories privately on GitHub for our clients so that version control is maintained. It is our goal to deliver high quality usable plugins that require little to no maintenance and therefore we consider our plugins to be relatively future proof. We enjoy a good challenge and enjoy even more being able to provide services that truly make our client's projects much more unique and profitable.

UX Design
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Custom Functionality

Functionality Development

Functionality differs from project to project. Functionality is interaction, information transfer, movement, animation, and the like. Custom functionality allows for a limitless number of possibilities for a project. We collaboratively work with our partners to ensure that functionality delivered is concise, accurate, and overwhelmingly easy to operate. We enjoy building complex things, however, from a user's point of view, that complexity has to be simple.


Professional Custom Development

Custom Expertise

Everything we do is custom. As we mentioned previously, we may utilize open source codebases or API (Application Programming Interface) in order to achieve a particular outcome. Things we have built and ways we have built them have sparked questions on sites like Stack Overflow and the like. To us this is an amazing digital compliment that people are trying to figure out how we did something. From custom developed WordPress plugins for WooCommerce to custom widgets for a web portal, we accept the challenge!

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