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Our Columbus digital agency provides eCommerce web design. The shopping cart and the path through the products to get to it take strategy. The attraction of customers to your online store takes thought even in the design phase.

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eCommerce Web Design Process

The differentiator

Solutions we provide when it comes to eCommerce web design are rather simple. However, to arrive at simplicity, we do a lot of thinking. As eCommerce designers, we are tasked with making something beautiful and functional. Functional in relation to design meaning, it works and works better than what has come before it. As such, our solutions provide extremely positive results.

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eCommerce Design Pitfalls

The dreaded abandoned cart

As users move through your eCommerce website adding products to their cart, some may say that they are engaged at this point. While true, we like to say that peak engagement happens when they first land on the checkout page. This is where simplicity is key as we spoke about earlier. If the checkout process is hard to understand, poorly designed, or the like, it does not matter how easy it was to add products to the cart or search for them for that matter. You don't want to lose people at checkout with a cart full of products!

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eCommerce Responsive Design

Mobile Design is Key

We feel this goes without saying but if your eCommerce website design is optimized for desktop only, you are up a creek. Unless you have some proprietary mobile application, that has some marketing "umph" behind it, you absolutely need a responsive eCommerce website. We take an approach that utilizes existing site data, market data, and proven tactics to help improve conversions and make your online store the best it can be.

Mobile First Design
Responsive Design

eCommerce SEO

People are searching

We accommodate an approach within web design for eCommerce websites that lends itself to SEO best practice. It is true that people are out there searching for the exact products you have and carry in your store. The question we have for you is, are they finding them? Better yet, are they finding them easily? We implement many different strategies when it comes to SEO but some of the most common strategies we use are ones often overlooked by many. Things like product schema and various other meta is always implemented and introduced creatively in a way that provides results for your storefront instantly. We like to call our process, "setting up a strong eCommerce organic foundation".

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