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Our digital marketing agency in Columbus provides email marketing and management. In a nutshell the best email campaigns are those that are visually appealing, contain just the right amount of information, and have a clear call to action.

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Email Marketing Process

The Approach

The approach to email marketing is rather straightforward. Users of your website sign up for newsletters or notifications and you send them. The hardest part it seems for most companies without a digital team or agency assisting them is to follow through on the promise to send. In other words obtaining permission is the easy part. Depending on what the user has requested to receive and how often, determines the type of content they will receive as well. Most brands utilize the likes of general newsletters, product specific newsletters, and content release announcements. However, often overlooked are automated emails like confirmation emails, welcome emails, and form submission (thank you or success) emails.

Email Marketing Design

Visually Engaging

Millions of emails are sent per day. Some of them are instantly deleted, others are glanced at and then deleted. The good ones however, are read and interacted with. In order to increase engagement the design of your email newsletter, product announcement, event promotion, or the like needs to be visually appealing. Now there are emails that you will want to tone down the layout, imagery, and overall design aesthetics. For instance, emails that need to feel more personalized and geared towards a specific recipient should be designed as such. You do not want the user reading, what should be a personalized email, thinking that they just received the same letter everyone else did. Email design should be tailored to the nature of the email itself.

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Email Signups

Areas to Engage

Just as emails should not feel invasive neither should the sign up process or request. Now, in some cases data has shown that the often abused popup offer does actually work. We won't go into the details there but more often than not obtaining permission to send emails is an offer. The offer may be simply to stay informed or the offer could be a percentage off a cart total. Whatever the angle may be, there are numerous ways to engage users and make it so that the benefits are mutual. If your content is good enough for users to want to know that there is more available, that is mutually beneficial. If you are willing to essentially pay (a percentage off), that is also a mutually beneficial tactic for both user and brand. In other cases, content is hidden behind a request for name and email address in which case it is considered long-form content.

Content Marketing

Email List Analysis


Segmenting email lists is something that everyone should do when it makes sense. Some email lists are segmented by gender, others by past purchases, and then again others by persona. We will speak briefly on persona but just know that there are likely thousands of metrics that could be used to segment email lists. In relation to inbound marketing, personas are likely what you will be working with in terms of segmentation. Personas when it comes to inbound and email lists means separating the user according to what stage they are in. Are they still just a lead? Are they a customer? Are they a promoter? At this stage of the game, you are inclined to have content approaches for all of the above and therefore sending emails to your segmented lists will provide different information and personalization to each type of persona.

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