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Our Columbus digital marketing agency provides inbound marketing. Inbound campaigns are a mixture of content distribution and interaction that results in obtaining qualified leads. Inbound builds trust and reputation for companies and brands of all sizes.

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Inbound Marketing Process

The Approach

Inbound marketing is multifaceted. In order for inbound to work, you have to have a strategy in place that encompasses start to finish. First a brand needs to attract visitors that are likely strangers to their brand and services. After receiving the visit from a stranger they need to be engaged. Once engagement occurs that visitor to your site is now a lead. The lead then needs nurturing from the brand in order for the brand to properly accommodate the lead's specific needs. If the process is a success, the lead becomes a customer. Once a customer, repeat business and promotion is then achieved by dialing in on that customer's actions and tendencies. This entire process takes varying amounts of time depending on the level of interaction and response.

Inbound Content

Digital Opportunity

As your company starts to procure leads from inbound techniques, you can start to optimize future campaigns and content with the resulting data. Like everything else digital, analytics and metrics will be your guide. Publishing the right content at the right time is what will produce tremendous results as long as there are steps in place for furthering the lead's experience with your company. Inbound can also take the place of PPC and email address purchases because optimized content is just as powerful and in most cases, more profitable. Successful companies who have little presence in paid advertising, typically have a strong grasp of digital marketing. This does not by any means discount the use of PPC or services like AdWords as those implementations are still necessary to accomplish certain tasks.

Content Marketing
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Inbound Audience


Content written specifically for a prospect's needs during all phases of the inbound cycle will greatly increase brand trust and strengthen the relationship between brand and lead or brand and customer. Having the right content on hand or creating it specifically for a particular type of visitor will greatly enhance your chances of converting. Likewise, having content that is accessible for a lead will greatly increase your chances of turning that lead into a customer. Remember that the train does not stop here. Having content that is attractive to your customers will inevitably create promoters for your brand and advocates for your products.

Inbound Strategy

Right Place Right Time

The digital landscape moves quickly. It is imperative to move with it. If you are a respected brand and a reputable resource, you likely get the idea of being a part of the trend. Brands with fewer resources can achieve the same effect by evaluating trends and translating the current widely accepted trend into something relatable to their brand. While this comes down to more of a business direction and how a brand offers it's products, it does relate to inbound. Either approach is fine but having the content ready to go when it is needed is the key to retaining interest. Remember that the right content published in the right place will have to be educational rather than promotional. At the same time, that content needs to be helpful and as a result will aid in the sales process.

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