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Our Columbus marketing agency provides influencer marketing by finding the right influencers to naturally promote brands.Influencer marketing is an approach used to take the method of word of mouth and tactically use it within digital platforms. The best introduction to your company and it's services comes from a happy well respected customer.

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Influencer Marketing Process

The Approach

We have all seen or heard the shameless plug or self promotion. In some cases this insertion of a verbal or written advertisement is obvious. However, in other settings the placement is natural and feels organic. Influencer marketing should most of the time feel organic and thusly has to start with communication. Simply talking to your clients and customers who are well respected in your industry is a great start. Maybe your company has been fortunate enough to have customers act on their own in creating a video or social post about your brand. It is this type of advocation that we are after with influencer marketing. While there are many scenarios and ways to gain advocates for your brand, it boils down to providing excellent products and on par customer service.

Influencer Research


Depending on your current social following, you likely have a few key influencers who know about your product and services. Determining the best influencers requires creating personas. As well, it requires knowledge of what you, the brand, is looking to get out of the relationship. If you are looking for social media followers, look for someone within your industry that is popular within the specific social network you are trying to grow a following. Depending on the type of campaign you are running, you will likely need a handful of influencers across the board who will be able to reach the appropriate channels for you. This process requires extreme diligence as you want to make sure that you form relationships with influencers who are going to give you the most in return.

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Influencer Audience

The Right Influencer

The right influencer will be able to reach your target audience within their following. They may have a popular blog or they themselves or their brand may be popular on Pinterest. Determine first your goals and proprietary content and then determine who will be best suited for that content distribution. The audience that will soon view your content needs to trust the influencer. At the same time, you may find an influencer who has your target audience but the certain influencer may not have a voice that is suitable for your brand. By voice we mean how they conduct themselves or their own brand. Stars need to align in order to have a successful influencer marketing campaign and that is where a knowledgeable and modern marketing agency comes into play.

Influencer Marketing Cost

The variable

This seems to be the most common misunderstanding or variable at play within this rather new marketing strategy. Out theory is that the influencer you choose to approach has likely worked hard to build their following and as such you (the brand) should compensate them for their time spent promoting your product. Some influencers have set rates that they charge for promotion. Others are flexible and will work with brands to determine proper compensation and types of compensation. In some cases a dollar amount is involved. Depending on the brand and influencer's relationship, offerings like discounts, cross promotion, and brand incentives are viable options as well.

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