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Our interactive marketing agency in Columbus provides interactive web design. All websites are interactive. The best websites are interactive experiences that tell a story and traverse a user through a journey. Interactive web design when done right sends a user down a path they choose and provides an outcome that they enjoy.

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Interactive Web Design Process

Communication Centric

Interactive web design starts with a clear and concise focus on communication. What do we want to communicate and how will we communicate it? Goals are different for every website design process and they must be clearly outlined. The more interactive a site is, the better the interface has to be in relation to design. A user's experience on the website might be their only relationship with the brand. The best interactive experience is one that is immersive and keeps a user engaged until the goal is reached.

Purposeful Interaction

The basis of web design

If there is interaction it must be purposeful. It is too bad that more website designers and developers do not live by that standard. Interaction when forced, feels forced. Users do not want to be interrupted or engaged when they have not enacted that action. As interactive web designers, it is our job to create an experience that guides a user through interaction. This can come in the form of literal hints on the page, subtle use of scrolling, or by simply designing with user discovery in mind. Every website is different and every website in order to be it's best must use interaction elegantly and wisely.

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Interactive Design on Mobile

The Phone is No Different

Good interactive design does not mean removing elements on mobile to make it "look good". Looking good is great but when the experience changes drastically or elements simply snap and stack on top of each other without being truly optimized, this is not best practice. Good interactive design for mobile might start with mobile design. Another approach would be to design with mobile in mind. Mobile design should never be an afterthought.

Responsive Design

Interactive Design Elements

Interactive Media

Media for the web generally consists of text, graphics, images, video, and sound. There are more but at the core, the above elements are all well within the tool belt when it comes to production. Interacting with elements implicitly requires reason. Without reason interaction is meaningless. The elements a user is interacting with must conform to their initial action that presented the data to be consumed or further interacted with. To make the last statement short and sweet, a user should always be in control and always feel empowered through interaction.

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