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Mobile App Development

We develop both native mobile applications and web apps that are gapped to the apple store and android marketplace. Our mobile application development starts with strategy sessions that help to define the scope of work.

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Native Applications

Apple & Android

When we develop a native application we develop the application specifically with the intent to deploy to a marketplace. This means we are able to tailor the application to work best on the platform being built for.

Mobile Gap

Web & App Store

When we develop with the intent to gap, this means we develop a web application that will later be able to be deployed to a number of marketplaces. When we do this, there are a few changes we make later on in the project to the app structure but generally we like to begin here when prototyping is involved. If the model has been previously realized, we would likely develop a native application.

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Design for Mobile Applications

App Design

We offer design for mobile applications with more of a focus on interaction, structure, user experience, and user interface. We will already have solidified the app model at this point and will then work with our designers to create the perfect experience for the end user.

Development for Mobile Applications

App Development

When it comes down to actually building what we have strategized and designed, we take a step back at the end of our scope of work and decide what tools, platforms, and audience we are targeting. When developing apps we use Swift, Objective-C, Java, HTML, CSS, and Javascript (jQuery). Find out if a mobile applicaiton is right for your company!

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