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Our Columbus web design agency is a mobile first design company at it's core. We offer mobile first design and development by placing emphasis on mobile experience first and foremost. The sites we build are all responsive. However, mobile is not an after thought.

Responsive Web Design Columbus Ohio

Why Mobile First Responsive Design

It Makes Sense

When a user lands on your site, in most cases it is on purpose. They are trying to connect with you or at least seeing if there is a connection. Mobile usage in relation to browsing and search has surpased desktop usage. Therefore, your site, store, and product(s) need to be easily accessible and it needs to stand out. The experience on mobile has to be just as important as the desktop experience in terms of visuals and functionality.

Mobile First Approach

Start with Mobile Design

Rather than designers passing desktop mockups to developers, designers start with mobile designs. Our designers take the mobile mockup and create tablet and desktop mockups as well. The developers then use the process of progressive enhancement to scale up from mobile as they are developing. This ensures that core features, content, and functionality are not lost. With responsive degradation (the opposite of what we do), the presented risk is that content, features, and functionlity can become squished and mobile versions of the site feel compressed and tight.

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Mobile First Strategy

A Small Scale

The idea is that tomorrow there will be a new device that users can use to access the web. We need to ensure that we future proof what we build. A content first approach in relation to optimization is a must if what we build will be relevant a year from now. Understanding that things like set media screen sizes are a thing of the past and writing custom code that responds to the content rather than screen size is a huge plus. By working with a mobile first agency, you will truly be ensuring that your investment is not a short term one.

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My Site is Responsive is that Good Enough

What is Best

Responsiveness alone is good but a mobile first strategy is better. While your site may snap and slide things around to look good on mobile, does it convert? Are the user's goals being accomplished? Are you selling from a mobile standpoint? While a mobile first approach may at this time be somewhat of a blurry topic, in regards to standards, a mobile first strategy and approach to building for all devices of all sizes is truly the best approach.

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