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Our Columbus web design company provides responsive website design. We offer responsive web design by taking a mobile first approach to all of our website design and development. The sites we develop are all responsive. However, mobile is not an after thought.

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What is Responsive Design

Devices and Screen Size

Responsive web design and development revolves around how the site and elements within the site, react to different screen sizes. This starts with the smallest mobile device, to tablets, and all the way to the largest desktop and TV displays. We are a mobile first agency which means we place importance first on smaller screens and ensure that the experience is optimized from the smallest screen to the largest.

One Step Further

Mobile First Web Design

We take responsive design and development one step further by taking a mobile first apprach. Doing things this way future proofs your investment and leaves you with one site for all device types and screen sizes. Ultimately, web design, responsive design, and mobile first design, to us, are one in the same. However, it is not all about the design. There is strategy involved in regards to functionality, content, and usability.

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Responsive/Mobile First Strategy

Optimization for Tomorrow

The idea is that tomorrow there will be a new device that users can use to access the web. We need to ensure that we future proof what we build. A content first approach in relation to optimization is a must if what we build will be relevant a year from now. Understanding that things like set media screen sizes are a thing of the past and writing custom code that responds to the content rather than screen size is a huge plus. By working with a mobile first agency, you will truly be ensuring that your investment is not a short term one.

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How We Build Responsively

Total Control Over Layout

We don't use typical frameworks. You may have heard of Bootstrap or Foundation. While we have and probably will still work with these front end frameworks at some point, when we start a new build it is typically from scratch or using something like Bourbon. We want total control over what we build and want to ensure that the site or app is lightweight and optimized based on the content, not the screen size. If this confuses you, don't worry, we like to provide all sorts of information. If you have questions, just ask!

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