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We are a Columbus SEO company proudly located in central Ohio. We strategically provide local businesses with SEO and search marketing that leads to profitable and scalable digital business operations. If you are ready to get serious about your digital future...

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Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO

Our job as an SEO company is to deliver quality traffic that converts. SEO is quality over quantity. We educate our clients and parters on a regular basis about what we are doing and what we will be doing in the future. Our SEO strategy is communicated clearly and often so that our clients understand what the motives are and so that we cohesively establish ranking that works. SEO revolves around optimizing on page copy, content, and imagery. The optimization process is part research, part implementation, and part creativity.

We implement nothing but best practices and Google approved markup. We geek out over keywords & copywriting, content, meta tags, open graph, social sharing meta, schema, and micro-formats. We creatively work to ensure positive search results for our partners and results speak for themselves.

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Search Results

The best SEO companies know that optimization takes diligence, patience, research, and continual effort within search engine optimization. We use data to help project, define, and target areas of opportunity. Providing a positive rank for a website requires knowledge of multiple factors and requires equal amounts of creativity. While an SEO agency can be creative, the agency also has to pay particular attention to current trends and current algorithms. As such, an agency should always provide a solid base of organic optimization prior to engaging with PPC (pay per click) opportunities. We believe and live by this method at all times as once ads are no longer paid for, attraction to your website falls dramatically.

SEO company columbus ohio
Columbus SEO company

SEO Strategy

All Encompassing

We place focus on areas that are pertinent to individual websites, their content, domain authority, page authority, and social activity. There are numerous metrics within each of those categories that play within the organic SEO space. Our approach is simple yet effect SEO differs from website to website. While we never take the same approach for two different sites, we do approach each website with best practices and knowledge of current algorithms in mind.

We also place importance on off page SEO which revolves around sending quality not quantity links back to your website. To do this we setup channels that introduce your products and content to a industry related influencers. At the same time link building is only a part of the off page outreach. In order to retain a visitors attention and attraction to your site steps are put into place through our other digital services to convert that user into a customer.

SEO Campaigns & SEM

Organic & PPC

While organic SEO campaigns focus on driving traffic without paying a search engine for that traffic. SEM or search engine marketing is the opposite in which traffic is purchased from a search engine. We would again like to stress the importance of a strong organic foundation here but PPC or pay per click is also a valuable option for search marketing.

Search marketing first and foremost requires extensive knowledge of the tools afforded to SEOs for such marketing efforts. Data within the tools include keyword research, analytics, conversion rate metrics, competitor analysis, and various other data for the SEO analyst.

The best SEO agencies will deliver not only status updates but also SEO reports with amount paid vs. amount gained. A positive ROI is really the most important focus. Traffic is important but ultimately driving the right traffic to the website is paramount to SEO success.

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ViaForge is a full service digital marketing agency providing web design, website development, SEO, digital strategy, and other growth driven creative agency services. We work with businesses locally in Columbus, Ohio and around the world.

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