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Our Columbus digital agency provides SMM. Social media marketing revolves around gaining attraction and exposure by listening and engaging with people. Building an online audience takes time, planning, diligence, and most importantly content that is educational and valuable.

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Social Media Process

The Approach

Every social media network is different whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, or LinkedIn they all have different methods of interaction. Some networks present more of a niche approach than others. At the same time, the result of interaction is to spread awareness, start a conversation, and be as authentic and relatable as possible. Your brand deserves a fair shake and social media is one way to show your audience that behind your brand are real people. Keep in mind that social media is not a one way conversation. Do not be afraid to like, share, and reply to other industry relevant companies and individuals.

Social Media Optimization


Optimization for social media is done on an ongoing basis. As your following grows and as attention to and interaction with your posts rises, your brand is steadily becoming more relevant. Strategy and research is needed in order to perfect and hone in on what your audience likes and wants from you. While there are millions of questions to be asked. One to extract concrete answers is to look into analytics both within social media data and Google analytics. How many people clicked through to your site from a post? Do more people respond better to a certain type of post on one network better than another? Data will help to guide how, when, and where you post.

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Social Media Audience

The Right Conversation

Response is a key factor to a successful social media strategy. Responding with the correct answer and with the correct format is sometimes tricky. Speaking to your brand's audience takes deep understanding and knowledge about your brand's voice. You would not speak to a room full of first graders the same way you would speak to a room full of Navy Seal veterans would you?. Your brands voice is similar to that analogy as consistency is key in both your tone and dialogue. A great example of this is the most recent emergence of fast food social media interaction. Wendy's Twitter to be specific almost over night became sassy and enjoys roasting both other companies and individuals.

To prove to you that a single tweet can be worth it's weight in gold (certain tweets are heavy hitters), Wendy's response quickly received over 6 times the likes and over 4 times the retweets than that of the original McDonald's post.

Social Media Drip Marketing

Spill the Beans

Usage of social media should always be educational and very seldom be promotional. Some promotion is okay but the angle that should be taken is one that portrays the promotion as being more of an announcement. Announcements and updates on status are always fun to see by an audience that is engaged. Such as McDonald's did in the above scenario, they shared an announcement. Dripping content is a strategy in which the brand uses incremental social media updates to engage users over a period of time. Drip content marketing leads up to an approaching reveal, launch, milestone, or event. Some may call this hype marketing.

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