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Our Columbus Ohio digital agency provides user experience design and optimization. User experience or UX, is the process of implementing design for optimal functionality. Usability, accessibility, and user satisfaction are large components to a successful website experience or mobile app experience.

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User Experience Design Process

User Centric

Before the design process even starts, users have to be discussed. What types of users are going to be attracted to your service or products. Once users are defined, user experience can start to take shape. We preach unique and custom website experiences specifically for this reason. Without extensive thought put into user experience, exceptional design skills can result in sub par results. User experience design is all about engaging a user with optimal functionality and features until the goal is reached. After the goal is reached, the experience should have been delightful enough that they are inclined to do it again.

User Experience Design Research

User Personas

Research comes in many shapes and sizes and can be approached many different ways. In order to obtain proper data, you must consider multiple sources and multiple mediums. The case with user experience research is no different. Things like surveys, site analytics, and market data to name a few are key components when researching users and behavior. While research is never really complete, once a solid baseline of data has been formed user stories and personas are created. In order to provide the best results for the future, regular analysis of data should be conducted. User experience is a process in which there is always room for improvement, change, and trial.

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User Experience Design Trends

Or Trendsetter

Good design is sometimes obvious. Other times it is not quite so obvious. Certain functionality is sometimes taken for granted when it comes to the web. When it does not work it is blatantly obvious though. Pushing the boundaries and trying new approaches obviously comes with a risk. However, if approached correctly, can also provide huge results. A mixture of both current trend and exploration is typically a key to success. Ultimately, experience design boils down to testing what works best for your specific users within a certain market.

User Experience Results

Attention Retention & Sales

The most obvious success from any properly implemented user experience design would be better conversion rates. Conversions being different for different websites but agreeably leading to sales for most. Other successes factored in would be better retention rates for the pages with most optimization. When a finely tuned user experience is implemented, a user truly will appreciate it and likely return, tell people, and thoroughly enjoy their time spent with your digital product or service.

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