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We are a Columbus video marketing agency that delivers quality video marketing within our creative campaigns. Video has to be consistent with brand messaging and current online marketing efforts. Marketing with video is powerful and we deliver high quality creative campaigns and advertising for our clients and partners.

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Creative Agency Services

The Creative

We look at a "creative" as a pitch or an outline of what is to unfold. Creative presentations are deep structural guidelines and serve as a backbone to marketing efforts. Within the creative we position all types of content including video. Video in some cases is the core component to a marketing campaign. In other cases video is an asset along side other content created for the creative campaign.

Video Marketing Research

Why Video

In some cases, video takes on micro meanings within a creative. We help define the approach and why we will create a video. The video has to have meaning and tie in closely to the rest of the campaign. The subject matter of the video needs to fit the mold for the rest of the campaign. This is where we excel. We define the audience, current market data, context, social delivery, media distribution, and interaction/actions to be taken within the campaign. In short, having a video just to have a video is not something we would promote.

columbus video marketing research
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Video Distribution

The Channels

Video advertising is a great way to get your video onto the screens of many for a reasonable price. It is our job as marketers to approach both paid and unpaid avenues. We help define early on in the project the best approach to distribution whether it be utilizing influencers, paying for pre-roll, as well as free forms of distribution with SEO and content delivery. Video advertisers should be cognizant also of proper channels of distribution that make sense and ones that will be most beneficial for the entire campaign. Keep in mind, video is typically used as an asset to a bigger picture.

Video Production

Play to Strengths

At our core, we are a digital marketing agency. While the definition includes services like video production, this is one specific service that we rely on our partner agency to provide. We work closely with Clum Creative to help define the aspects surrounding the video and leave the creation of the video up to the experts. As a small agency, we like to play to our strengths. Results are much better when we are honest with ourselves and do what we do best.

If you would like to have a look at our partner video production company, we are fully transparent as to how we work with them. Clum Creative is a video production company in Ohio that we utilize to fulfill our video marketing efforts.

Clum Creative
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ViaForge is a full service digital marketing agency providing web design, website development, SEO, digital strategy, and other growth driven creative agency services. We work with businesses locally in Columbus, Ohio and around the world.

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