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ViaForge is offering a free digital marketing, 4 hour workshop, for one company located in or around Columbus, Ohio. The winner will be chosen on August 1st, 2017.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategy is a diagnosis, it is research, and mapping. It is also building a marketing plan and measuring data. We help analyze and structure your digital marketing efforts for optimal growth and success.

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The Strategy

Creatively Strategic

We get digital! Creating successful marketing strategies and campaigns is what we do. Whether it be for an inbound campaign or a full brand reposition, we direct every second of it. It is our job to open the door to opportunities through research and a creative approach. We will build out a plan and course of action so that together, we can take steps to creating a digital foundation or platform on top of an existing strategy or focus.

Digital Growth

Creative Use of Data

Digital growth is something that many miss by simply looking at a single fulcrum within a marketing plan. Growth comes from analyzing data in regards to opportunities as well as vulnerabilities in all facets of the company where digital birth or rebirth could potentially be warranted. Incremental digital initiatives are a great way to start this process if there is not a process or model currently in place. A creative digital marketing plan does not miss opportunity.

digital marketing strategy columbus
digital strategy columbus ohio

Staying Relevant and Reinvention

On your Toes, Front and Center

Getting and keeping your company "digitally relevant" is a practice that takes extreme diligence and forethought. If you are looking for enterprise level growth and exposure, a well crafted model or campaign agenda should be in place prior to diving into the deep end of the digital puddle. It has to be. Without it, campaigns will feel disjointed, messaging will be inconsistent, and the brand will appear to customers as being out-of-sync. We take pride in providing daily, weekly, monthly, bi-yearly, and yearly agendas, schedules, and marketing plans for our partners who rely on us to be at the forefront of their digital presence.

Digitization Strategy

Let's Talk Digital, Seriously

We enjoy being creators. Even more so we enjoy creating for others. We tackle marketing campaigns both large and small to assist with our partners digital growth efforts. With us, efforts are always maximized and results we achieve are phenomenal. As a digital partner to our clients, we creatively serve in many different ways according to their specific needs in regards to: SEO, SEM, eMail, eCommerce, web design, web development, copywriting, and more.

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A Digital Marketing Agency

ViaForge is a full service digital marketing agency providing web design, web development, SEO, digital strategy, and other growth driven creative digital services. We work with businesses locally in Columbus, Ohio and around the world.

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